Sublime Massage Range 

I offer a variety of massage therapies for you, whether it is a sports massage for an aggravated injury, or a lymphatic drainage massage to help the cleansing of metabolic waste. You may choose a holistic massage to relax, a deep organ and colon massage to improve digestion or a natural facelift to soothe those lines away.

Physical activity can cause strain within the muscles and soft tissues. While the body is recovering from this strain, other areas compensate to resist future stress. This may result  in large areas of the body aching and becoming inflexible.Manipulation of muscles and soft tissue stimulates them to heal and the risk of further injury is reduced.  

The effect of receiving a massage is that, by restoring the body’s own harmony and clearing imbalances, it leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Allow yourself to discover the freedom and balance within your own body through having a massage. 

Massage is given by the therapist who massages using their palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, forearms, elbows and using oils to enable the hands to glide over the skin. There will be varying pressure applied to each stroke and different types of strokes used, thus ensuring the treatment suits your needs. Some moves are light and others firm to work into deep tissuse. Often a combination of pressure and strokes are used during a treatment. 

You will be able to choose from a range of massage oils  which will be used for your treatment, based on your skin type, preference etc. 

You will be asked to undress to your underwear. Towels will be used to maintain your modesty throughout the course of the treatment. A treatment usually starts with you lying face down on the couch; during the course of your treatment you may be asked to reposition yourself.

The length of time that a massage takes depends on the  massage therapies chosen and area that will be treated. 

Sublime also provides quailty Refloxology  and Reiki treatments 

Reflexology is traditionally given by massaging  and applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands. Different zones of the foot or hand correspond to various part of the body so facilitating relief from physcial pain, reducing symptoms of many health conditions and emotional rebalancing.   

The lower leg or arm will be massaged and stretched to increase the blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage of waste, improving skin tone and soothing the nerve endings. The therapist applies firm pressure using their thumbs and fingers in a continuous fluid movement over each reflex zone. At times they will pivot on an area to apply extra pressure to stimulate and improve the energy flow which encourages the body to establish its own equilibrium.

Reflexology promotes natural deep relaxation which has great health benefits since approximately 75% of diseases are stress related.

You will remain fully dressed, but if wearing trousers these are to be rolled up to the knee or removed if necessary to avoid creasing.


Reiki is nonintrusive healing where the universal energy is channelled by the therapist enabling the receiver to restore their own natural harmony and balance, alleviating many symptoms of illness, stress and anxiety. When you open up to receiving Reiki it will re-balance your energy channels to allow the healing you need.

Reiki channels the universal energy within us to flow more freely allowing deep relaxation and stress levels to be reduced so harmony is restored to the mind, body and spirit. It enables self-healing to occur and can alleviate anxiety and diminish feelings of fatigue. Aches and pains to dwindle away.

The therapist's hands will be placed gently on or over areas of the body, with no manipulation or substances applied during the treatment allowing Reiki to be given fully-dressed, either lying down or seated.

Sublime can advise on Heatlhy Eating

Designed to help you maintain your own nutritional needs through your own diet and lifestyle, allowing your body to function as well as is possible. Our diet contributes to our whole well-being giving us high levels of energy, emotional balance and a sharp mind, along with resilience to infections.

The long term effects of a poor diet and nutrition are numerous diseases, 90% of cancers are said to be diet related.

Let me support you to achieve your optimal well-being. 


What you should expect before and after your treatment

Please wear comfortable clothes, you will be asked to remove your shoes, watch and  jewellery before the treatment.

On your first appointment an assesment of your medical and emotional health will be made taking approximately 10 minutes. Using this information the treatment can be tailored made to suit your current needs. All information given at any time is treated as confidential and will not be given to another party without your consent.

After your treatment is completed you will need to drink a lot of water, to help your body rebalance its fluid levels and to aid the removal of toxins.  Avoid alcoholic drinks for at least 24 hours.

Take a leisurely approach to resuming normal activities after each session. By doing this you will maintain the effects of the treatment well after the end of the session.

The long term effectiveness of all treatments will be increased by you continuing to improve your own health and lifestyle.

* Failure to provide notice of cancellation at least 24 hours before your booking will result in a 50% cancellation charge being made.

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