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Rainbows can be found, just need to know where to look!

It may be a day of rain but it's your choice!

Will it mean your plans are ruined or will New opportunities be opened up?

As we learn to embrace the day we will become more at ease with the world.

Consider standing up at the computer, try not to it for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Interact with your colleagues (if appropriate) to ask questions instead of using email. Stretch your body out regularly. You will feel more relaxed for doing it. Rotate shoulders, Twist from side to side, Stretch your arms out in front, hold arms out to sides, Gently push your palms together, fingers pointing upwards, repeat palm push with fingers pointing downwards.

Brush your teeth before bed, for at least 2 minutes. This helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria during the night when less saliva is produced. Never brush your teeth less than an hour after a meal. Acid in food and drink softens the enamel,so brushing teeth during this period may wear the enamel away. Drink sugary drinks through a straw positioned towards the back of the mouth reducing contact with teeth.

Try this when you feel stressed /anxious. Stand up straight and say I am excited out loud a few times, this will trick your brain into feeling cheerful. Remember to hydrate yourself, as this helps to remove toxins and relax nerves. Green tea is found to have the best results.


  • Regarding her profession as a Qualified Masseuse I have no hesitation in giving Jane 100%+ rating. I have several sessions now and have found the ease of the pain and freedom of movement in my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and
    Vera Tullock
  • As a national standard tennis player I was suffering from various related injuries. Since seeing Jane for Sports massage and expert advice on injury prevention I am finishing tournaments in better shape and results have improved dramatically .
  • I can not speak highly enough of her dedication ,friendliness and expertise.
  • Following a recommendation by my Chiropractor I began seeing Jane , She is both friendly and professional and I feel very comfortable visiting her relaxing therapy room. My back has felt so much better since receiving her massages.
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