Talking to a friend recently who told me her son has lost 3 stones in weight, reduced his blood pressure by simply walking the 3 miles to and from his work each day. 

Since walking improves the blood flow to the brain enhancing his concentration levels and ability to do tasks throughout the day, he has begun to enjoy his job more.  

While walking try to improve your pace and posture. Stop slumping into your hip instead pull your stomach in and up, keep relaxed in your bottom and lengthen your torso. Finally hold your head up, by extending the space between your ears and shoulders then relax your shoulders back and down. 

Sounds impossible but if you do this while walking the strain on the spine and joints is reduced and aches and pains lessen.

So with all these benefits why not walk a little bit more and the more you do the further you will go. 

Oh forgot to say its free!!!