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You may be asking yourself if its safe for you to receive a treatment. There are several conditions that may prohibit a treatment. If you have any concerns then I would recommend that you discuss it with your G.P.

The main contra-indications are

Malignant disease (cancer) please seek medical advice.

Acute inflammation (where the immune system is compromised) seek medical advice.

Pyrexia (high fever) seek medical advice.

Infections and infectious conditions seek medical advice.

Thrombosis (blood clot) seek medical advice.

Phlebitis (infection of a vein) seek medical advice.

Varicose veins (weak and enlarge vein) seek medical advice.

Heart conditions (heart function is compromised) seek medical advice.

Haemorrhage (excessive blood loss) seek medical advice.

Oedema (swelling due to water retention caused by kidney or heart dysfunction) seek medical advice.

Lymph-oedema (swelling caused by damaged lymph vessels and/ or the removal of lymph nodes) seek medical advice.  

Myositis Ossificans (bone /tissue grows where its not supposed to) seek medical advice.

Epilepsy (medical consent required) seek medical advice.

Mental instability (medical consent required) seek medical advice.

Pregnancy during the first trimester (3 months) always check with GP.

Diabetes no deep massage is permitted as tissue’s can be easily damaged. 

Acute pain (pressure applied for 10secs increases the pain) seek medical advice.

Open wounds (area affected would be avoided) seek medical advice.

Taking medication (treatment may affect the drug’s absorption into the body for the short term) seek medical advice.

Intoxication due to drugs or alcohol.

Within 60 minutes of eating a meal (treatment may slow down digestion and /or cause nausea).