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I am not a nutritionist but I can provide guidance in healthy eating to help you realise your natural state of health.

Healthy eating advice is designed to help you maintain your own nutritional needs through your own diet and lifestyle, allowing your body to function as well as is possible.
Our diet contributes to our whole well being giving us high levels of energy, emotional balance and a sharp mind, along with resilience to infections.

The long term effects of a poor diet and nutrition are numerous diseases, 90% of cancers are said to be diet related. Let me support you to achieve your optimal well being. 

Healthy Eating Advice Explained.

You will be asked to record your dietary intake over a period of time, commenting on how you feel each day.

After this there will be a discussion on the outcome and areas that can be changed. From this you will be supported in making small steps in improving your diet, to gradually build you a new outlook on your lifestyle and diet.

Together we will formulate a holistic plan to improve your wellbeing which fits easily into your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Advice Effects.

Gives you more control on what and when you eat. No more snacking between meals.

A balanced diet provides the nutrition for you to have more energy, be more focused and it will help to balance your emotions. Plus you will feel less bloated and have no pangs of hunger.

Through healthy eating, you will gain more confidence and an improved self image.


  • Regarding her profession as a Qualified Masseuse I have no hesitation in giving Jane 100%+ rating. I have several sessions now and have found the ease of the pain and freedom of movement in my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and
    Vera Tullock
  • As a national standard tennis player I was suffering from various related injuries. Since seeing Jane for Sports massage and expert advice on injury prevention I am finishing tournaments in better shape and results have improved dramatically .
  • I can not speak highly enough of her dedication ,friendliness and expertise.
  • Following a recommendation by my Chiropractor I began seeing Jane , She is both friendly and professional and I feel very comfortable visiting her relaxing therapy room. My back has felt so much better since receiving her massages.
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