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I offer a variety of massage therapies for you, whether it is a sports massage for an aggravated injury, or a lymphatic drainage massage to help the cleansing of metabolic waste. You may choose a holistic massage to relax, a deep organ and colon massage to improve digestion or perhaps a natural facelift to sooth those lines away.

Physical activity can cause strain within the muscles and soft tissues. While the body is recovering from this strain, other areas compensate resist future stress. This may result in large areas of the body aching and becoming inflexible. Manipulation of muscles and soft tissue stimulates them to heal and further injury is reduced. 

Massage passively increases the muscle tone by increasing their contracting powers. Massage also acts as a cleanser through increased exchange of tissue fluids and drainage of waste products produced by tissue fatigue and  inflammation.    

The benefit  of receiving a massage is that, by restoring the body’s own harmony and clearing imbalances, it leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Allow yourself to discover the freedom and balance within your own body through having a massage yourself. 

Massage is given by the therapist using their palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, forearms, elbows. Oils are used to enable the hands to glide over the skin. There will be varying pressure applied to each stroke and different types of strokes used, along with  selection of oils offered for you to choose from, ensuring the treatment suits your needs.   

You will be asked to undress to your underwear. Towels will be used to maintain your modesty throughout the course of the treatment. A treatment usually starts with you lying face down on the couch, although during the course of the treatment, you may be asked to reposition yourself.

Please see the homepage for the various massages offered for the one that will suit your requirements best. 

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