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Bars are 32 points on the head which are used  as a tool to help empower more change and possibilty into your life.

Having your Bars run begins to dissipate the electrical charge of polarity as it is stored in the brain , slowing down the brain waves. Each of the 32 Bars connect to thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes, having these run allows you to become more present in your life so the past does not project into the future the same way as before. 

Through the silken strength of Bars  you to become free to be truly you,  opening  you up to be the best you that you can be.


Bars  Explained

The Therapist will lightly place their palms and finger tips to the head, hands and feet. There is no manipulation or substances applied in this treatment and  is given with the client clothed in a lying or seated position. During the session there will be no music played .

The therapist activates the Bars to run by stumulating 32  points of the skull, facilitating this gentle but very powerful way of freeing yourself to be truly you. 

During the session you will be encouraged to think about a  question that you may have about your life and not the answer this way you become more open to all the possibilities there are.


 Bars  Effect 

You cannot be harmed by having your Bars run.    

Having a Bars treatment allows thoughts, feelings and emotions to melt away, so your body becomes more comfortable and aligned physically and mentally. It’s deeply relaxing so you will sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized.  

You will start  to soften your self-talk and lessen your demands on yourself, you will become more observant to detail and what is best for you, and you begin to realise that to fathom out the how’s and why’s of any situation may be waste of time and energy, if you  learn to accept and to then you  can begin to blossom.

 Receiving a Bars treatment is ideal before exams, interviews or other stressful events.

Duration:60 mins (can be varied)